Monday, 20 May 2013

Lesson 1: Life's Good

I just want to put it out there that life is good. There are certainly a lot of hardships but our world is also full of wonder, sparkles and smiles.
 (Just to reiterate: Yep I did seriously write sparkles, smiles and wonder. There are puppies and rainbows, too . . . and every now and then you can spot the sun shining out of someone's . . . errrr. . . behind) 
It doesn't take much to melt my heart. I'm not really sure how to continue this blog other than listing some good things in existence and daring you to take the time to think about each one - or better yet - post what you're thankful for. Now, smile. Without trying to sound too "Book of Awesome"ish, here are a few reasons why the world is good.
1. A child's smile. Better yet, a child's laugh. Kids need a lot of taking care of but they help adults as much as adults help them. Seeing their whole face light up and hearing that carefree belly laugh can certainly melt away the day's worries.
2. You're smile
3. Relationships. Whether it be connection with a parent, sibling, significant other or sharing some small-talk with a stranger, connection is key.
4. Humor
5. Cheese
6. Nature. Think of a nice crisp morning. The sun is rising, birds are chirping, grass sparkles with dew, cool fresh air fills you nostrils to lungs.
7. Better yet, add a run. I am so thankful for my physical abilities and the opportunities I have to train.
8. Good food!
9. Shelter
10. Water
11. Faith. Really, I experience God in all of the above but it's worth a direct mention.
Not everyone has all of these but some can be found even in the crappiest of situations, as long as we remember to look.
What are you thankful for?

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