Sunday, 23 June 2013

Piss and Vinegar

Daily update
It's day 3 of the Strong, Free and Happy ride. It was a fogy day, once again with hills (par for the course in this area). We saw a blackbear this morning. Boy was it cute, button nose and all!
Today I biked 155km between 7am and 4:30pm, much of it with Theo. This time though, I set the goal and the end point. Yesterday, I stopped a little early because it was pretty warm, I was slowing down and the boys were worried about me. I had wished I went farther, given the beautiful day and rhythm I had. Now, I'm definitely not going to discount other people's worries about my safety but I'll be trusting my own judgment more. I put a lot of mental and physical preparation into this - more than I think can be easily understood by others - so I can't expect them to know just how far I can go before quitting time. 

Some background info
Have you ever heard the saying that brick walls are there to show how bad you want something? It's all about looking adversity straight in the eye and finding a way to overcome it. The first time I heard that was in "The Last Lecture" (Randy Pausch), and it really struck a chord with me. I totally believe in fighting for what you believe in, giving your all etc etc. It's usually tough, sometimes makes you wonder if it's worth it, and always changes your life. (Can you see where I'm heading here?)

The Strong, Free and Happy ride for mental health definitely has a worthwhile cause and has kept me -and many others - hopping to make it happen. I am incredibly thankful to everyone who has given their encouragement, talents and time. I am also really happy to see all relationships that have come about because of it. That in itself is worth it, but it hasn't been an easy route. From the few original brainstorming sessions I had last summer to conversations throughout the fall, finally committing in January to today, the committee has had our share of challenges, changes and shining moments. (My favourite shining moment being Tuned Up.) Early on, I decided it was better to trust others and give it my best shot than to not try. That was a risky move that came with a bunch of 'brick walls'. I have felt disappointed, stressed overwhelmed and doubtful at times, yet whenever my confidence wavered close to reconsidering, something positive happened that instilled that confidence. For example, people have stepped up to fill in the gaps in support crew work, they have offered sponsorships and donations, they have commented that their life is better because of this (or exercise in general), and have something to bond over. I've bonded with so many others as well and am very thankful for that. I've also learned a lot about strategies for handling adversity, which happens naturally when so many people are working together. Physically, I was quite hurt during a practice session. Luckily, I had not obvious breaks or concussion and was able to get back to biking a few days before the ride.) Had I known I would be so challenged before I started this, I may not have. I'm glad I didn't know and glad to still be here giving it my all.
Just thought you should have a taste of the background info. It's the good stuff and only the beginning.

Talk to you soon. Keep smiling,


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